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"My special insight: Coming home to my body, feeling the joy of being in the body, the self love that is born out of that connection and natural self confidence." Julia, Canada (Feb. Retreat 2020)

"Lovely flow, from not knowing but trusting what we are doing, going to a magical space. I feel very grateful for all the support and the warmth in this space, to be able to discover the clown inside. Breathing, trusting, authenticity, free play, magic." Bouba, Germany (Nov. Retreat 2019)

"Thank you so much Didier for the kind and gentle and caring support to enter the sacred space. I can leave all my doubts behind and be safe and I am able to come home. Thank you so much for putting up the mirror, so I can see all the negative stuff my mind is making – It was such a good laugh when I realized and saw what I do. - I will never forget!   I am so grateful, I was touched when I was able to enter the sacred space – what a magic world!" Annete, Denmark (Nov. Retreat 2017)

Authenticity, awareness, simplicity, still-point, openness, beautiful vulnerability, acceptance, creativity, heartfelt warmth, Goodness, Flow, Compassion, Quality of Presence, Freedom, Dedication to Self and Service... These are some of the things that this creative wisdom training has been about for me. It has been a most nourishing week. I feel replenished, blessed and ready to begin a new chapter in my life.”  Maureen, UK (Feb. Retreat 2016)

“It has been a journey of discovering my self, my inner light and my inner shadows. A learning of acceptance and transformation. A learning of enjoying myself and my own presence. We are working with the root, the source of creativity. When we come to this essence, our wisdom naturally comes through.” Morten, Norway (Nov. Retreat 2015)

“I loved discovering my clown’s make-up in such a special, ritualistic way.  Also moving through blocks to connect with others. I developed tools to help root me in my clown. These tools helped me move through some fears about performing and being seen. I connected with my clown but I feel she has so much more to express – she would like to get a bit crazier and freer… all in good time.” Jenny, UK/USA (July Retreat 2015)

“I think this combination of energetic work with the physical body with deep spiritual practice is so rewarding. I have an improved “toolbox” with which to approach my life.” Janey, UK (July Retreat 2015)

“The yoga was very helpful in preparation for the meditation. Through Didier’s sensitive and strong, powerful guidance in the practice of compassion I turned a huge corner and was able to transform my feelings of grief into acceptance.
The exercises to work with finding our centre and being in the moment were all brilliant. Didier is a fantastic and inspiring teacher, his presence and sensitive and perceptive responses to each individual member helped all our individual journeys. I especially enjoyed the Sacred Clown work. 
I loved the RAGA singing too, the sound waves wafted such a beautiful energy which felt like a meditation in itself. ” Penny, UK (Feb. Retreat 2015)

“I had a very healing time throughout - with intimacy, with the story I tell about myself, with how I feel about my body, with how I approach other people (often with fear, but you showed me what it's like to approach people with true love). Thank you for all of this, I feel profoundly moved still. I have been dipping a toe into meditation for a few years, with great resistance, but feel as if I have found a new way into mindfulness and meditation that excites me. Belinda, UK (London Open Workshop Jan. 2015)

“By coming to this retreat I took a break from my life. It was fascinating to see how things are connected, the clowning, the life. I have had a very important week that will make my life better. Thank you!!
And it was energetic and powerful to meditate together with others. It makes it easier to hold the energy into focus. It felt safe and good to be led through the meditation, and all the things you said after meditation felt enlightening, the most important thing for me: “to let go”. Astrid (Nov. Retreat 2014)

“ I really enjoyed each and every moment, breath by breath, and loved the spaciousness created.  Having just been through a massive transition in my life, it was a great joy just to be… and to be... and to be......!
The words I shared at the end really encapsulate it all for me: feeling deeply alive, deeply grateful and deeply moved.”
Karine, UK (London Open Workshop June 2014)

“I understand more and more how meditation is the whole ground for the work, for both the creative work and all the practical aspects of daily life. It was so beautiful to observe this link!!
And thank you again for another lovely, challenging, insightful, connected, inspiring, colourful week. Both of you create such a safe and playful environment for looking at ones deeper self with honest eyes, it is really precious. Thank you … for your openness, love, support, spaciousness and dedication for creating a healing place.” Ida, Norway (Feb. Retreat 2014)

“The course has supported me to access a deeper level within myself, one that is very vulnerable but that needed to be recognised and heard. I see in the clowning improvisations such a mirror for my own life and relationships. It is incredibly powerful and one that speaks to me deeply.
The course gives me permission to play and connect with the other, opening up a part of myself that is usually denied by myself and frowned on by those around me, it has given me time and space to reconnect with me.” Katie, UK (Nov. Retreat 2013)

"Your weekend clowning course was deeply moving and nourishing. I feel lighter and more connected to myself. I am inspired to learn and experience more. I hope to join you at your centre next February to do the one week training. With love and gratitude to you." Dvora (London Open Workshop 2013)

"How can one put things into words… this weekend was an amazing weekend. I really came without any expectations. But I was soon to learn that there was much to find and understand. These days together gave me an insight of my life and my relationship with my loved ones and the ones I have around me. The small things are so easy to grasp onto and yet so difficult sometimes to accept and take on board. Yet as you repeatedly said during these days: “if there is no love within you and no center, how can you then reflect an awareness and a caring towards others and towards yourself?" Bjørn Sebastian Oslo Open Workshop March 2013)

"I enjoyed very much the performance, for several reasons. To start off, the quality of the performance, the work with body movement, the balance of the performance on stage, the harmony of the group, etc. Secondly, I felt that it was very original, and thirdly, and what I think is most important, the feeling of love that was communicated. At the end I was crying because of what was opening up in my heart." - Wendy feedback from Performance of July 2011, Improvisation with nature"