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"I have been deeply moved within coming here. Learning, shedding, unfolding, being held with such gentle preciseness and deep acceptance to rest in me and no need for anything more... "give space, rest, breathe, receive with openness and wonder, be touched by this world, meet life with my heart..." These are the gifts that arrived and reawoke in me from being here at Casa Saraswati. Thank you Didier and Sara." Michelle.

"Thank you for a powerful healing retreat! and helping me come back to myself again. So much magic and wisdom shared together! I recommend this wonderful retreat to anyone who wishes to experience the Sacred Clown and journey into themselves more deeply." Lina

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Testimonials 2017

Thank you so much Didier for the kind and gentle and caring support to enter the sacred space. I can leave all my doubts behind and be safe and I am able to come home. Thank you so much for putting up the mirror, so I can see all the negative stuff my mind is making – It was such a good laugh when I realized and saw what I do. - I will never forget!   

I am so grateful, I was touched when I was able to enter the sacred space – what a magic world!   Annete Ahnstrom  Denmark

I feel blessed to be a part of the mysterious unfolding of the process of our week together. It is very tangible Didier that you are working without ideas, following the energy of the group, which allows us to experience the magic and the healing that comes when we allow ourselves to rest in our true nature and open to the infinite field of possibilities that lives in this way of being. I feel that one of the most profound ways that I learn from you is simply your state of being. And it is so powerful to witness one another and to travel together and experience how we touch one another and how all journeys are connected. I appreciate that you take the time to integrate step by step so that we can really go deep and heal and transform. I really feel that this work is teaching me how to bridge my spiritual practice into life and my way of being in the world. Thank you.  Julia Skrzypinski Canada

The week has been a challenging and inspiring journey. Casa Saraswati feels like a little bit of paradise, and I have been privileged to share in it.

I started the week like a bird with sticky wings, unable to fly – now I have had my feathers cleaned and feeling much lighter, I’m now learning to fly. I experience a great sense of acceptance from the group and it was very healing. Having a mixed group with beginners has been very helpful for me. Their experience in this work strengthen the dynamic of the group and gave me as a beginner guidance and support far my journey this week. Spiritually this week has given me incredible support, and inspires me to take my practice more seriously and become more disciplined in my practice at home. I do believe there was a divine intervention in being here now, I have a pull to return home and I am returning feeling nourishment, relief and an ability to feel more present and connected to myself. And I also have a strong pull to return here again. Thank you.  Rachel Roger England

I feel that my clown has grown since I came for the first time two years ago. It makes my life richer and gives my clowning work a new and clear direction. I’m aware of the process and at the same time I can enjoy the changing of emotions. I really feel the healthiness of the process. One of the main point is that you are not judging at all. You wait until the person comes to the time to realize it on her own. It is so healthy to see and witness this for me. There is too much judging in the world, and here I can see life, how it can go in another way. So thank you so much! Every time, I come here, I get richer!   Lubina Hajduk Germany

Testimonials 2016

Oslo Open Workshop (14th-15th of March 2016) or Creative Wisdom Foundation (includes the Open Workshop) (14th-18th of March 2016)

"In the Creative Wisdom Foundation I reached a deeper level – a deeper level in my connection with my heart and mind and with the present moment. I feel I have got a key to the present moment, and I have experienced how magical the world becomes, when I am able to meet the world from the present, and I have felt the authenticity of the present moment.” Annette

7 day training at Casa Saraswati, 18th-24th of February 2016

"The care and attention of Didier this week helped me to reconnect with my inner soul again: - from a very angry and isolated condition I was helped to feel again the joy of being alive. The grounding exercises were fundamental, to listen to my soul and be able to appreciate the clown in me. I treasure the moments shared this week – from deep human connection to pure bliss and magic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  Eugenia

“One of my favourite aspect here to explore is the spirituality, because I have my own process with no pushing and no rules from the outside. There I feel space and spaciousness, so I can discover this part of my life.”  Lubina

“Exploring clowning here this week has been a wonderful way to put the learning into practice and a great mirror showing me when I am connected and present and when I am not. It has been a great learning tool and so much fun! I really have enjoyed this exploration of connecting with myself and others through clowning and have experienced and learned much from it all." "I have learned that the key for me at this point is to slow down – this really helps me to stay present in my body and aware of the sensations and emotions that arise within me moment to moment. I think the biggest insight for me was finally understanding that true clowning is about following these impulses, without getting distracted by ideas, and that it is by being in this total presence in the feelings of each moment that the magic happens. The first experience that really brought this home for me was when I was moved to tears in what was probably my first experience of true clowning. It was a love story that enfolded between me and Lubina. The agony of leaving each other and the joy of finding each other again was so palpable… And everything that happened in between - both on my own and with others, was so touching and beautiful. This was a big revelation and milestone for me." "Authenicity, awareness, simplicity, still-point, openness, beautiful vulnerability, acceptance, creativity, heartfelt warmth, Goodness, Flow, Compassion, Quality of Presence, Freedom, Dedication to Self and Service... These are some of the things that this creative wisdom training has been about for me." "It has been a most nourishing week. I feel replenished, blessed and ready to begin a new chapter in my life.”  Maureen

“It opened my eyes so much to clowning, that how one can teach it, learn it, use it, practice it, heal within it. My love for clowning has deepened."
"You created such a trustful environment that ALL difficult emotions and issues came easily out to the surface and it felt totally safe. For me it was pure therapy, healing deep painful issues and opening the heart. Thank you for your wonderful work for helping people with the struggle they go through. That is priceless what you do.”  Saija 

Testimonials 2015

Sacred Clowning Retreat - Casa Saraswati, 8th-15th of November 2015

“It has been a journey of discovering my self, my inner light and my inner shadows. A learning of acceptance and transformation. A learning of enjoying myself and my own presence.”    “We are working with the root, the source of creativity. When we come to this essence, our wisdom naturally comes through.” Morten

“It’s so good to sing Raga, and it feels like freeing the heart! It feels special and I appreciated very much singing alone with the full attention on my voice and the process of freeing the voice.” Anna

“Didier was patient and skillful and compassionate in how he used the media of body awareness/alignment and Raga singing to help make us both clearer and more accessible to be transformed.”    “The depth of the group meditations especially reinspired me for my practice at home. Thank you.”    “I found this blend of movement, Raga singing and meditations (walking and sitting) really nourished me.” Beverly

“The meditation, exercise, music, all brought me home to myself in a way I rarely experience, and I take this away with me.” Simon 

“The training of the “Sacred Clown” is for me a good way to come closer to my feelings and emotions. I got a better feeling for my body and of my blocked areas. I got a lot of assistance to find creative ways to reconcile with my body.” Monika

“The handling of deep personal experiences is held with deep compassion.” Duncan

“The Raga singing is so healing for my soul.”   ”It is nice to work with the Clown in pairs and in the group – it helps us to integrate as a group.” Annette 

“I feel like taken by the hand and well led through the difficulties which came up from my past. Thank you so much for this safe place to learn more about myself.” “The Raga singing is a good way to deal with unseen problems.” “A lot of space for the development of each group member on his/her way led by Didier with sure instinct, based on a long working experience.” Lubina

“During the Creative Wisdom Training I learnt to be more spontaneous and confident in the art forms we worked with.” Adam

7 day training at Casa Saraswati, 21st-28th of July 2015

“I loved discovering my clown’s make-up in such a special, ritualistic way.  Also moving through blocks to connect with others. I developed tools to help root me in my clown. These tools helped me move through some fears about performing and being seen. I connected with my clown but I feel she has so much more to express – she would like to get a bit crazier and freer… all in good time.” Jenny

“The training circle/group was a totally safe space to allow personal emotions and issues to arise. All were given time to be processed with clarity and compassion. I saw challenging group dynamics melt and change with this approach.“

“I think this combination of energetic work with the physical body with deep spiritual practice is so rewarding. I have an improved “toolbox” with which to approach my life.” Janey

“I feel so happy for this week, for this journey of healing and creativity we went through together. Here I felt accepted and welcomed with everything I am, and truly seen.”

“I loved meeting my Clown! So sweet, meeting myself which has always been there. Playing out who I was in that moment, free and letting the energy flow.”

“We were opening up to each others, sharing difficulties and being met in a good way, with understanding and getting guidance from Didier which was right to the point!” Anna

“In this course the training was special because of the performance. I really liked very much the body connection exercises; and feeling the whole body of clowns! Also the singing lying on the floor with all feet in the centre was very special. I experienced the flow from one exercise to the other as extraordinary!” Gisela

“To participate in a retreat at Casa Saraswati is for me always a powerful mirror of how it is going in my life.” Morten

“I like the way you stress that we should embrace our inner difficulties whatever they are. I felt seen in the end about the physical challenges I went through and could relax more about that!” Ayosha 

“I learnt to slow down and connect as a clown and in meditation.”

“Sharing sessions were very helpful – learning of self and others. Improved connection as a group and cleaned up interpersonal difficulties – showing how this can be done.” P.M.

7 day training at Casa Saraswati, 15-21st of February 2015

“The yoga was very helpful in preparation for the meditation. Through Didier’s sensitive and strong, powerful guidance in the practice of compassion I turned a huge corner and was able to transform my feelings of grief into acceptance.
The exercises to work with finding our centre and being in the moment were all brilliant. Didier is a fantastic and inspiring teacher, his presence and sensitive and perceptive responses to each individual member helped all our individual journeys. I especially enjoyed the Sacred Clown work. It was a privilege to see Didier and Sara working together with their sacred clowns, and it was wonderful to witness the blossoming of the group as each of us opened up to reveal something of our inner beauty.

I loved the RAGA singing too, the sound waves wafted such a beautiful energy which felt like a meditation in itself.

And the food was fantastic, everything was delicious, you could taste the joy and love in the cook Elisa´s dishes.”

“I liked the training a lot, to be aware of my body, my breath, and of course, my thoughts, the slow tempo. To go deep and be playful and to work with being present. I am sure this course will last long inside me, it will return to me and speard like circles of water. Also sometimes I felt like I was peeling through the layers of an onion. Lots of tears and painful memories from a long time ago came up and made me fragile, but it is what it is. I found the course so lovely in many many ways.”

“The meditation was very helpful, there were some key instructions that really took me to the right place. And Sara’s yoga in the morning was a very necessary way to start the day.

This retreat has been special, and powerful and revealing. The way Didier holds the space of the group with his presence and complete lack of hurry allowed our internal experience to come up in the light of our awareness. Personally it has been this regaining of awareness that has really made me happy. I felt awake and alive.

And also the learning to be with emotions and to create from them, to move with them, including the difficult ones. It was very helpful for me. Thank you Didier and Sara for your motivation and perseverance.”

"It was a really beautiful and touching week. I’ve worked with many different teachers over the past 10 years and Didier offers something very special and unique. His teachings come very much from the heart and from his own experience. The sense of spaciousness he creates and holds is quite exceptional, and this helped me get a greater sense of my own spaciousness. He also has tremendous capacity to see exactly where people are stuck/blocked and to show this in a truly loving and compassionate manner. The work is playful and spontaneous, deep and profound. I witnessed and experienced many touching and inspiring moments this week. I’d highly recommend this work to everyone and will certainly be recommending it to other therapists and colleagues. ” Charlotte

"Thanks again for a beautiful week at Casa Saraswati. By participating in many retreats over the last nine years I can really feel how much I have received from the work with the Sacred Clown. It has given me much more self-confidence, creative freedom and it has also given me understanding and insights of my own life. After this retreat I go home with a great motivation to stay present and connected with myself and my own emotions, even when difficult situations come up. ” Morten

"For me the meditation is the hear (on many levels) of the experience. I loved the way it built slowly making it accessible to all. It was such a beautiful way to start the day.

And the training… how to capture such a rich and nourishing experience? For me, one word, JOY! Joy at daring to drop the attachment to fear which binds and blocks. In the space created by fear’s absence I was able to deeply connect with others and so connect deeper to myself completing a beautiful circle of pure joy.”

London Open Workshop, 17-18th of January 2015

 “My heart is so touched by the weekend workshop with you. It has already brought/shaken a new freedom into my life and my spiritual practice, an initiaton. As I said to Didier at the end,  I would love to come in July to join in the Midsummer Clowning. Meanwhile, I shall enjoy a dialogue with my Sacred Clown.

I have many thoughts settling from the weekend: respect, safety, beauty, letting go, moving… moving, focussed presence in my body, daring to let my feelings deepen and to express them honestly in meeting the presence of another, deep connection in body and in sound, my truth and your truth, laughter,  joy, sorrow,  love...”
Janey Verney

“Thank you so much for all you gave over the weekend. It was a life-changing experience for me, and a real privilege to be in your presence, and to learn from you.

I had a very healing time throughout - with intimacy, with the story I tell about myself, with how I feel about my body, with how I approach other people (often with fear, but you showed me what it's like to approach people with true love). Thank you for all of this, I feel profoundly moved still. I have been dipping a toe into meditation for a few years, with great resistance, but feel as if I have found a new way into mindfulness and meditation that excites me.

I would love to join you for the course in July! I am keen to have some space to start out in my meditation practice, and excited by the idea of clowning in and with nature.

Many thanks, and I look forward to continuing my sacred clowning journey.”
Belinda Sherlock

“Thanks for the weekend - it's really beautiful and profound work that you are doing. Many thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon hopefully.”
Charlotte McLaughlin

“Thank you for the beautiful space you created for us to come into, for me to come into and shed some of the restrictive censors I impose upon myself. I celebrate my ability to loosen up and fully engage with the process you guided me through, I'm still quite surprised at myself.

I loved the connections I made with our group, so simple yet utterly profound. Finding intimacy with such acceptance and compassion is the gift I take away from the weekend. I was incredibly moved when giving birth to my red nose, it was so important for me to give that part of myself expression. Upon reflection it feels like I perhaps had a long labour, but I also feel so content with it's divine timing. I'm in a space where I can be more generous to myself and love that aspect as well as other aspects of myself in a way that is wholesome.

I feel very appreciative of others in the group for what I received from them in the experience as well as what they accepted from me.

I would love to come to Casa Saraswati in July or November - I will be guided by which retreat you feel would suit me.”
Rachel Rogers

“I would like to express what I lived during these two days. The first day, Saturday, I felt a lot of happiness and moments of grace. The dancing in my bubble and in contact with my partner are examples of these magical moments. Dancing in contact with the body of my partner was not new for me, I felt the fullness of the present moment. I met the body, the heart and soul of my partner.
The second day, Sunday was a day with its ups and its downs. Great time for me, to exercise with the posture, to be focused and relaxed, and to support the heart. I opened the group because I was the first. The confrontation was great for me. I realize how much my heart is bruised and I hide.

I liked to see others do this exercise and to see on their faces the switch when they focussed with their hearts.

A great way to finish for me was to meet another clown and dance different emotions and bid our farewell. I was in the present moment with everything in me, tears, joy, tenderness, curiosity...

So these 2 days have meant a lot of things to me. I realized that to take care of my heart is now essential, this is what I must do now. It’s a great wake-up of consciousness. I had to follow your workshop. It is no coincidence.”
Marie-Dominique Sommier

Testimonials 2014

Sacred Clowning Retreat - Casa Saraswati, 8th-15th of November 2014

“The week is always so restorative for me, in mind, body and spirit. It is a delight to see how retreat members change in the week, less stressed, more insights, radiant, stronger in themselves. I leave with a calmer, clearer and more contented mind. Thank you for the love and care we receive here.” Doug Hamon

“The meditation was new for me, both the sitting and walking meditation. I really enjoyed the walking meditation, coming home, connecting with the earth while walking was somehow more natural, the atmosphere was lovely. And the morning yoga was lovely too, it felt possible to take it with me into my everyday life.
And with the clowning, it was a privilege to witness the miracles that happened to me and to others, to see how we were guided into the place of mindfulness in such a warm and professional, wise way. Everything felt so right and real, both physical and mental. And things were talked about as they are, without trying to make it nicer. It was direct. I appreciate your work so much! The laughter and fun was also needed when we were working with big and sometimes also painful feelings and emotions.
While we were raga singing it felt like Didier played us like instruments, he got us to tune in. And what we shared together was very important. It is great how transparent we are while working with these things. I will recommend this to all people. This should be “elementary school” teaching to every person on Earth. It is very special what you do, and needed, everywhere there is a hunger for this. It also felt very good that we had people with different ages, 37 – 76. What richness!!”
Taina Mannila

“By coming to this retreat I took a break from my life. It was fascinating to see how things are connected, the clowning, the life. I have had a very important week that will make my life better. Thank you!!
And it was energetic and powerful to meditate together with others. It makes it easier to hold the energy into focus. It felt safe and good to be led through the meditation, and all the things you said after meditation felt enlightening, the most important thing for me: “to let go”. ”
Astrid Sæterøy

“I enjoyed very much the morning meditations and the yoga practice offered by Sara, it was very useful.
With the sacred clown training, there was good work on several aspects like singing and sharing, and warming up exercises. I think this has been a good week with very special people. We had a good connection and a lot of genuine kindness. Thank you.”
Teresa Serrat Fusté

“It is a pleasure to be here again, as usual. You have both created a special place. I hope to be able to be more involved in the future as I slowly move into a new phase/chapter.”
Sandrine Roques-Maurer

Midsummer Clowning Residential, 14-20th of July 2014

“Morning meditations felt very nice, important for the rest of the work, and both Didier and Sara lead it beautifully. And the sacred clowning felt different this time, to come here. It’s more like home and I felt (a bit) more silent inside. It was nice to work outdoors in the beautiful gardens, and it was very touching to watch ourselves  grow into the performances. Didier, you always provide a safe frame in which to explore oneself, one’s feelings. I feel very grateful to be able to participate in these retreats. Thank you!”

“It is really good to come back here and get guidance on meditation from Sara and Didier. It helps me keep my practice fresh and alive. Casa Saraswati has once again been a place where I have got to know new sides of myself. The week has also been about seeing the beauty in others. Thank you for a wonderful week.” Morten

“The meditation session really set the tone for the day, it was a beautiful experience. And with the sacred clowning, to stand hand in hand with my true self and my clown, in the magical setting of lemon trees, was a profound and truly moving experience. It was held safely by the loving skill of Didier and Sara. I was able to discard my “mask” and truly connect with myself, with others and with nature. Thank you so much for a wonderfully enriching experience.”

“It has been great coming here again after such a long break. Thank you for all your teaching, your support, your love and your friendship.” Sandrine

“I really love the sacred clowning training, to explore the wildness of the red nose and taking it into nature with its flowers, trees, etc.” Glen
“It was so good to get back to the meditation practice. I appreciate not only the practice but the wisdom that comes from it and what was shared. And with the sacred clown work, I am genuinely learning to not grasp to the unreal, and within that, more and more I am finding rest in the being and learning to trust there. Each time I come here I feel I am developing an unseen muscle, and my thinking mind is becoming less dominant. This work is deeply profound, it is of the sacred and what’s born from this practice is extremely beautiful. Thank you for all that you share.”

“The place was comfortable, homely, peaceful and contained. The views are as beautiful as ever, with the surroundings full of nature and fruitful abundance. The morning meditation sessions were well held and I really enjoyed the yoga session with all my heart... …placing on a costume that resonates with the self and the clown was beautiful and supportive... Once again I leave the sacred clown course feeling that I have grown and have some extra tools to take back to my life with which I can heal and develop.” Katie

“To hear about Didier’s own love for his spiritual path has been a huge lift, and the compassion practice that we did was deeply healing. The training in sacred clowning was fantastic, more than I can put in words. It all had relevance for me. It was one LONG insight. Time was extended, and sometimes suspended… it feels like more than a week.” Ingrid

London Open Workshop, 28-29th of June 2014

“I feel Sacred Clowning is such a beautiful, fun and joy-filled path to God. I love your holistic approach to it.

The raga singing was beautiful. It always touches something deep inside me. I felt like it opened up a lake of sadness that I have inside my heart. It really was beautiful.
The clowning part was great. For me, it is like connecting with the world, while remaining totally connected to God. And interacting with other people in that space is just magical. I would love to go further with it.
Thanks again. Hopefully I will be able to come on a deeper retreat/ workshop one day.”
Freyja Hunt

“Thank you so very much for your lovely email and your wonderful workshop at the weekend. I really enjoyed each and every moment, breath by breath, and loved the spaciousness created.  Having just been through a massive transition in my life, it was a great joy just to be… and to be... and to be......!
The words I shared at the end really encapsulate it all for me: feeling deeply alive, deeply grateful and deeply moved.
 I would very much like to come to your retreats, and feel that February would be the most appropriate as I like to have foundations especially if courses follow through.  I would dearly love to come to your retreat centre - it looks truly inspiring.
Please pass on my gratitude to Sara too. I loved her presence and stillness and beauty and smile.....”
Karine Butchart

“Thank you for the weekend. The world of clowning is completely new to me, and this was a beautiful, safe and creative space to meet for the first time my inner clown. I loved it. I was hoping that this type of work would be a way to explore something that I have been wondering about in my own practice for some time now. It is about the moments just after a practice of meditation or bodywork that feel for me so free and open and fresh, and I can explore so much beauty or ugliness in these moments from a place that is new and alive. The work we did this weekend was so completely what I was looking for and more, and when I put on my red nose and felt how naked I was there it touched me very deeply.
Thank you to you and Sarah for so much beautiful work.”
Jane Sethi

 “It was wonderful meeting you both, thank you for your work and commitment to us in the class. I got a lot from the weekend, in terms of personal and professional development.  It tied together a few clown things I've been working on.  I really appreciate your physical/spiritual approach, it helped me get unblocked and will be using it to prepare for my show I'm performing in UK.” Allan Girod

“Thank you for holding the space for us to explore and all the wonderful guidance and inspiration. My thanks also to Sara for her quietly sparkling presence, supporting us all.” Elizabeth Marsh

“First of all I'd like to thank you for the workshop. It was wonderful to taste childlike innocence of perception and playfooliness of the heart.
After the workshop I felt that sacred clown is something I want to go deeper into so to express the contents of my soul via this medium.
The summer retreat sounds amazingly beautiful and it feels that there I could have an opportunity to work on creating an outer identity as a sacred clown. But most of all, deepen my connection with the inner clown under your guidance.”
Justas Mazeika

7 day training at Casa Saraswati, 16-22nd of February 2014

“At the retreats at Casa Saraswati I always discover new aspects of my deeper self. This time I realized the importance of honouring my own feelings and by doing that, more clarity will come into my life.” Morten

“I understand more and more how it (the meditation) is the whole ground for the work, for both the creative work and all the practical aspects of daily life. It was so beautiful to observe this link!!
And thank you again for another lovely, challenging, insightful, connected, inspiring, colourful week. Both of you create such a safe and playful environment for looking at ones deeper self with honest eyes, it is really precious. Thank you … for your openness, love, support, spaciousness and dedication for creating a healing place.”

“The meditation was well held. Sara has a most beautiful and holding voice. Didier’s thoughts were welcomed. The space is very soulful and helped me reach a deeper level.  And in my sacred clowning journey there are many ups and downs for me, but the sacred clown helps to support me, fill me with love, leaving me open to be with others.”

“I particularly liked the heart opening, the grounding exercises and the performance clowning exercises, and of course, the singing. Hopefully this will mark a change in direction (internally) in my life. Thank you for all, giving so much of yourselves to the course.”

“It was so good to do the morning meditation gain. I think it was a bit easier to come back to the breath as it’s my second retreat here. This was a push for me to keep it up when I go back home.
And during the training I discovered that to be present means to breath and connect with myself, to my longing to just be. And I enjoyed being on stage and to connect, even when I was fearful just before getting out there.”

“I feel so lucky to do sacred clowning in this beautiful surrounding, and the space for the training was great. I loved to explore different forms of body awareness, and it helps support my work as drama and movement therapist. The clown brings a world of creativity and mindfulness in the world of silence. And great love and support from Didier and Sara during the training. I would  love to be part of the sacred clowning training in the future. I’ll find ways to come back.”

“The food was delicious and visually beautiful…. I could feel the care and attention and appreciate the health of all the meals.
The meditation practice is extremely beneficial, inspiration for creativity. I see more and more how essential the practice is for living a healthy life, it supports my balance, my ground, and it is teaching me not to grasp and get caught in my thinking mind… so valuable and very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing and guiding.
And as for the clowning, I am deeply moved by the nature of this work/practice in ways that I have no words for, but many creative images which have inspired me to nurture and carefully tend my inner landscape, making a beautiful home within where my being can rest… I am deeply grateful for all your support, what you’ve shared and your gentleness in helping to cut through.”

Testimonials 2013

Sacred Clowning Retreat - Casa Saraswati, 9th-16th of November 2013

“This work takes me by the hand and heart, leading me home! It inspires me to reconnect again and again to the inner source and ground, to where I can rest, awake and at peace at the same time! I feel SO GRATEFUL and committed to continue this journey of love!! Thank YOU from my heart and soul!!"

“Thank you Didier, you’re an amazing teacher. Thanks to all the team. It was a powerful learning, journey, process, experience. So much love, care and compassion. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!”

“Casa Saraswati is a simple and heart-full place where everything is just right in balance: rooms with easy comfort, a wonderful view of ocean and mountains, beautiful garden, light and spacious studios and colourful housing. And I’m very thankful to have eaten so well each day. Sharing our meals as a group was the most delicious dish.
For me the morning meditation was a time of silence and reconnection with the self, the breath, the ground, the heart, a deep process of listening to one’s own learning, to trust as well as to rest, letting go of thoughts, criticisms, short minded intentions or habits… a conscious preparation for the day, as a human being and as a performer.”

“The course has supported me to access a deeper level within myself, one that is very vulnerable but that needed to be recognised and heard. I see in the clowning improvisations such a mirror for my own life and relationships. It is incredibly powerful and one that speaks to me deeply.
The course gives me permission to play and connect with the other, opening up a part of myself that is usually denied by myself and frowned on by those around me, it has given me time and space to reconnect with me.”

“This retreat has been about coming home and keep coming home. Resting in the spaciousness that’s within me has engraved its self deeply in my being here. I love this work and am deeply touched by the truth and profound teachings that are shared here. I am so grateful to be journeying in my life with the support of this work alongside me. It’s profound and both Sara and Didier are and have been incredibly giving with the nature of this work. Thank you.”

 “I come back to retreats at Casa Saraswati again and again because it is the perfect place for me to nourish my heart and awaken my full potential. Thank you so much!!" Morten

"Your workshops have made a big difference in my life. This week was a very challenging one and I can see that I’m starting to face issues in my life that are deeper than the ones I faced before... I am deeply thankful for the support and space which makes me able to go where it hurts, because I hope that it will take me to a place I did not even dare to dream about before I came here.” Ida

"This has been my second retreat with Didier and Sara. Words cannot really describe such a deep healing experience. I really loved Didier’s response to the different moods and energies in the group. Didier, you are a true magician transforming my life. Thank you. And thank you Sara, you have a beautiful presence and are such a wonderful teacher as well. Thank you!!” Dieter

Open workshops in London 2013

"Following this weekend, it’s been lovely to reset the mind to a much calmer approach to life. Non-urgent, quieter and more peaceful, and I now have the
intention to be in my body rather than constantly running around, hiding and being scared.
The mime, the relaxations, the raga singing, the clowning, the PROTECTION BUBBLE exercises, facing people, all of it really helped me, it was all contributory to this newfound peace and to feel that. I CAN DO IT AND I AM GOOD ENOUGH. So I would like to continue the Raga singing, and the clowning and the laughter."

"Your weekend clowning course was deeply moving and nourishing. I feel lighter and more connected to myself. I am inspired to learn and experience more. I hope to join you at your centre next February to do the one week training. With love and gratitude to you." Dvora

"It was so lovely to share with you and Sara the *Fool at Heart*. For me every workshop is always so different. Just having the opportunity to be in your presence, space and beauty through mindfulness, with mime, clowning, dance and singing is so beautiful. I am aware that my deafness doesn’t allow me to catch everything that is being said but I try not to let my brain do the thinking, just to follow my heart through playfulness. You and Sara always bring inner joy and wisdom to my heart.
I love to have known you back then when you were doing your “Fool at Heart School of Sacred Clowning”. I hope there is another chance to do this professional training with you. Leaning the clown in the UK is about being silly, tricks, magic and balloon making...which doesn’t interest me. There doesn’t seem to be anything like your workshops to cultivate inner joy, wisdom and emotional wellbeing, as you say, it’s therapeutic and works well with my Drama and Movement Therapy. I would love to do Clown Care, and I do like the idea of working with the elderly.
We didn’t get to talk much but my thoughts are always with you. As always I love being a part of the London weekend, and am very much looking forward to seeing you and Sara again. Do keep in touch before then! With love."

"Thanks again to you and Sara for a wonderfully deep and moving weekend. It touched my inner and outer universe in a profound way. I was very surprised at the level of unexpressed grief and sadness that emerged from me during the clowning session on Sunday afternoon. It felt very releasing, and cathartic. I have an ingrained difficulty to fully express, and believe in my right to express, and be heard, and be witnessed.
Your workshop gave me permission to express, and for some of my deep pain to be released. I write poetry, and dance, and sing, but they don't move me as much as Sunday.... although my poetry is very expressive. "

"The weekend was indeed (unexpectedly) transforming and giving. Very important light was lit on my next part of the path: personal as well as professional. I am very exited about walking it!
I am working on it … with determination of regular practice for body and mind - of sitting and mindful acting. Many thanx for you and Sarah, and best greetings to Tenerife!… Hope you are very well! With warmth."

Open workshops in Copenhagen and Oslo, March 2013

"Thank you for a profound and touching weekend with you in Copenhagen. With such presence, genuineness, caring and loving interest did you work with all of us and made our group wholesome. Your beautiful gracious movements, your soft musical voice brought us peace and calm, it helped us ground and I was especially moved by "the coming home", it gave me a feeling that "all is well"; all my worries and "bits and pieces mind" quietened and you helped me come to the source, the essence you called it, the place to live from and get nourished by, this deep inner well of peace, which we all have in us." Annemarie

"Joining this workshop has connected me to a part of my soul which has always felt very much connected to the clown, touching the poetic vulnerable being. It holds such great wisdom of human character. How can I express it? It’s been like waking up and getting hold of the being. To be together in a group and feel harmony and shared creativity feels so good." Lone (Møller)

"Here are some short reflections of mine from the workshop:
  • I feel peace after this work. A peace with myself, a good and warm feeling.
  • I feel more grounded, in a light way.
  • I feel inspired!
  • I feel more in contact with my feelings and myself.
  • I liked very much the way we started every morning, to “land” and find this calmness, together.
  • I liked the way the group was gathering more and more together without forcing anything, it felt very natural.
  • The singing was beautiful. My voice felt relaxed and grounded in my body and breath. I really liked this way of singing. It told me something about the world and life.
  • It was a very special feeling to get the red nose on. I felt so open to the world, almost like a newborn, but fearless in a way, shy but curious.
So, I am very pleased and I look forward to do this work again sometime." Maja

"I was seeking ways to get more grounding and contact with the inner self in my daily life and in my work. In the workshop I experienced this and I got good tools to use after the workshop. It’s been a busy week and these tools have really helped me." Gaute

"How can one put things into words… this weekend was an amazing weekend. I really came without any expectations. But I was soon to learn that there was much to find and understand. These days together gave me an insight of my life and my relationship with my loved ones and the ones I have around me. The small things are so easy to grasp onto and yet so difficult sometimes to accept and take on board. Yet as you repeatedly said during these days: “if there is no love within you and no center, how can you then reflect an awareness and a caring towards others and towards yourself?” Thank you both for sharing so much of yourself and you can be sure that my daily day has changed. I hope that one day I shall spend some time with you again at your center under the sun with fresh fruits and veggies. Hope all has gone well in Copenhagen. With my deepest love and respect." Bjørn Sebastian

"A whole week – 7 days have passed – since we left from the wonderful workshop last Sunday in Copenhagen! I am still on/in the wave :0)
For me it has been truly and deeply inspiring for my whole life and being! In a way it has confirmed for me how this deep way of clowning contributes and fulfills my deepest longing for living. To live more and more from the profound inner peace and love – from the essence – practiced directly into living and relating. It fills me with a blessed feeling of wholeness, integrity and unity, and I feel excited to get on getting deeper and further! From all the spiritual groups and work I have been in for many years, this work – or I would rather say ‘dance’ – with the sacred clown brings everything together and makes so much sense and meaning to me! So much resonance! I feel SO grateful!
Love, Light and Blessings, dear heart-friends – and a Merry Easter-time!
" Isabella

"What I like is the deepening in our own present, "the coming home" feeling that gives so much joy and love. To be brought into silentness and peace, but also sadness and feelings of loneliness and "not being good enough". When I enter the space and meet my Clown it is like being newborn, and very woundable, and when I enter "the flow", it is where I want to be.
The Raga singing is so lovely, I really enjoy it. I like the dancing and movements, they are challenging mirrors. I hope to get more of all this in November this year.
" May

"I felt very welcome to be as I am, that I was able to let this sadness come out which I had been holding for a while without being able to listen to it. I was glad I had my friend Veera there to support me in that also, otherwise I don’t know if I would have come the second day. I experienced that Didier was holding the atmosphere so warmly and lovingly also, I felt a lot of trust towards him. I am amazed how openly he shared his whole life with us.
When it was time to put on the clown nose, I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it. But I put on the nose and it felt ok. It was very hard for me to find that deeper joy, feeling the sadness was easier : ) , nevertheless I felt that it could have been given more time in this part, to explore one’s own expression towards what you called "the mirror".
Thank you and good luck. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in the future.
" Malin

7 day training at Casa Saraswati, 17-23rd of February 2013

“This work helps me to come back to my true self. That's why I'm coming back to Casa Saraswati again adn again." Morten

"It has been hard work and nourishing. I’ve met some obstacles and worked with them. At the moment it’s difficult to define it all! I felt safe and held by Didier and Sara and appreciated that you listened and responded to what I needed and what the group needed. I’m delighted to start to get to know my clown and the freedom that comes with the physical and emotional work in the training.”

“A beautiful and challenging course. I felt I touched a special part of my being.”

“A deep healing and nurturing took place. I’m grateful to your guidance and to have taken the time. I didn’t feel pushed, just loving care and yet to the point. I’ve discovered new things about my clown, that it needs nurturing. I look forward to more expansion. And now it’s time for integration.” Deborah

“To become spacious through breathing and grounded in to the earth is something I will never forget, I will continue to practice this. To experience trying new things out like singing, the body improvisation, the clowning and being guided through in such an appreciative way was pure joy. It helped me to feel confident.” Marianne

“Dear Didier and Sara & the Saraswati team, it has been an experience I won’t forget. Didier, you are the most inspiring, supportive teacher that I ever met. Your willingness to share your deep well of insights and experience is a shining light so bright. Hope to see you again. Much love from Dieter.”

“Acceptance… That to move forward authentically I have to truly accept where I stand today in all my textures and different shades… This training with Didier and Sara offered me a safe space to allow my vulnerability to breath and gently transform and find its creativity… within a supportive and accepting space… Come home, give space, acceptance for what is, let your heart rest in the breath… These words I will take with me once again.”

Testimonials 2012

One day Mime-Clown workshop at Casa Saraswati, 24 of November

"I have enjoyed the workshop very much, it allowed me to connect with my body and my emotions. This sort of inner work is very necessary to establish confidence in oneself." María

"A magnificent work by Didier and Sara. I found them to be excellent professionals and I am very interested to do Clown training and to work with emotions. I congratulate you and I will recommend you to my friends." Santiago

"Each time I come I learn more and more, and I find myself more present and happier, the happiness that all sentient beings long for." Elías

"It has been a very enriching experience, I have connected with my heart, with my child and with the ability to enjoy and share. Thank you." Concha

"It has been a real gift, a very easy way to go back to being a child, to come back home. Thank you." Milagro

"I thank you for this great opportunity to connect wiht this great place y and to reconnect with the deeper aspect of myself. To play with my child, to draw emotions with my body, to create with the deeper part of myself, to share with others, to discover their "children", to enjoy, laugh, breath... To simply BE... ¡What a gift!" Verónica

Nurturing the Heart and Soul, 10-17 of November

"Your dedication for the work and the centre is very inspiring!" Morten

"I am deeply touched by the work." Ida

"I have been deeply moved within coming here. Learning, shedding, unfolding, being held with such gentle preciseness and deep acceptance to rest in me and no need for anything more... "give space, rest, breathe, receive with openness and wonder, be touched by this world, meet life with my heart..." These are the gifts that arrived and reawoke in me from being here at Casa Saraswati. Thank you Didier and Sara." Michelle.

"Thank you for a powerful healing retreat! and helping me come back to myself again. So much magic and wisdom shared together! I recommend this wonderful retreat to anyone who wishes to experience the Sacred Clown and journey into themselves more deeply." Lina

One Dy Workshop in Casa Saraswati, 15th of Spetember:

"For me this has been a very nourishing experience, because it is a form of theatre that allows you to come to know yourself and discover how wach gesture and actions is connected with mindfulness and awareness. I had a great time. Next time I would like to deepen the work more with a two day workshop. And I loved the Raga Singing that is practiced in the Sacred Clown." Gabriella

"Hello everyone, the workshop was a great experience… I believe that the best way to connect with emotions is through authenticity. I like the way Didier and Sara work: to discover the body, the expressions and then the singing. Now it’s time to deepen the work, which I hope will happen in the courses that have been proposed for the group. Anyway, it was also very good to relax my tense back and to reconnect with the Earth, which is something that I had left forgotten lately. Thank you everybody!" Marta

"It was a great experience. It was my wife who encouraged me to come and we were a bit nervous because whe’s pregnant, but the breathing and relaxation exercises were fantastic. I especially liked the interactive exercises with mime, improvisation and music! And in general there was a great atmosphere, Didier helped us to deepen and explained very well the connection between the clown and meditation." Israel

"Thank you for a very special day in the workshop “The wisdom of the clown”. It was a unique experience, with great people. Thank you all, big kiss to the organizers and the participants." Leidy

Midsummer Clowning Residential 16-23 of July:

"Improvisation with nature" was a great and amazing experience in
this wonderful place: Casa Saraswati. Meditations, training, preparation for the performance, delicious, blessed and healthy food and the performance itself, all these parts of the week in Tenerife were important and touching and relevant for my personal and I think as well social emotional growing. To be again present as a clown with all my trueness and freedom in my heart was after some break in clowning again a deep experience. Hope the projects in Casa Saraswati are blessed and do grow in faith that growth has its own time. With great joy in my heart I thank you all, my old and new friends- and send to you my true love,

"It was very strong for us to attend this summers retreat at Casa
Saraswati as a couple. We came home feeling so together, our love for each other 
being so refreshed. We are longing back - and will return for the retreat in 
November." - 
Ida and Morten

Performance on the 22nd of July: "Improvisation with nature"

"I feel grateful to have seen and felt the clowns in action, people who are free at heart in the innocence of the present moment." -  Kimochi

"Thank you for everything you did last Sunday. It was a great performance. Beyond what happened that day y congratulate you for the proyect in general, for the global idea, for creating something different, for investing in life, in joy, in nature itself, for the heart and with the heart.

I found the experience very moving. I felt as if I was one more participant in the performance, expeirencing it all first hand. The idea of being on the same stage with the actors was like being able to get into the screen of the film that I'm living. It was very real and no doubt the message was learned directly. There's no better stage than nature itself, life!

The music was very good and the musicians were great. The whole combination was in good harmony with everything. And of course it could improve, everything can always be improved but it's time now to congratulate you, so: CONGRATULATIONS!!

I hope that you continue to do more things and that you never ever stop investing in that marvelous project called TEATRO DEL CORAZON!!" - Mon

"Many thanks for yesterday, it was a beautiful and different afternoon, with love." - Leidy

"Hello Sara and Didier, thank you for the beautiful day yesterday, we drove back home feeling very happy and grateful. We want to participate in a weekend workshop so that we can later on do a retreat. Awaiting your email with news about your next workshop, with love." - Lucía

"I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to share a beautiful afternoon, full of sensitivity and emotions. Thank you very much." - Pilar

"A beautiful afternoon, full of colour and human warmth... thank you for making us feel well..." - María

"Dear Didier and Sara: I'm Miguel, I arrived at the very last minute. Nevertheless I felt the great atmosphere. Thank you for the plumbs. I'm awaiting your information about your following activities. Warm regards and see you soon." - Miguel

"Hello Didier. I enjoyed very much the performance, for several reasons. To start off, the quality of the performance, the work with body movement, the balance of the performance on stage, the harmony of the group, etc. Secondly, I felt that it was very original, and thirdly, and what I think is most important, the feeling of love that was communicated. At the end I was crying because of what was opening up in my heart. My daughter says hello to you, she said that she liked the performance and that she dreamed about you. She says that she liked the love and warmth and that all the clowns were included, nobody was left out for being different. It makes her feel well in her heart. Thank you, your work and your dedication." - Wendy