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Sacred Clowning Retreat Tenerife Nov.2019

posted 13 Aug 2018, 03:43 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 5 May 2021, 03:40 ]

Sacred Clowning Retreat 
14-21 Nov. 2019

To continue with last year’s topic, “the field of possibilities”, we will play with entering the sacred space (our stage) by exploring different elements of costume. 

From the ground of “Natural Presence” that we will nourish first, we will slowly tune into our body expression, our unique movements and postures, our jabber sounds; our enchanted clown poetry, spontaneous & unpredictable. 

Step by step, we will unravel our unique clown character and improvise solo and with others. As a group we will support each other to trust our heart by appreciating those special moments when you touch your natural humour, pleasure, play and fun. When you enter that clowning freedom, fear, simply disappears. Your Sacred Clown has been born. It is then a Joy to share it.

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Photo Credit: Teatro del Corazon