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Sacred Clowning Feb. Course 2020

posted 31 Mar 2020, 06:30 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 5 May 2021, 03:40 ]
Sacred Clowning Feb Course 
13 - 19 Feb. 2020

The Magic of Wonder " in the Gestural Art of the Sacred Clown"

In “Wonder”, a silent gesture speaks a thousand words. As children, life was a mystery, a magical world unraveling constantly in front of our eyes. As adults, "Wonder" tends to be left unvalued, requiring a little help to be reawakened. 

Through the study & practice of mime-clowning, dance, physical theater, play, singing and awareness you will slowly embody your poetic clown with his unique gestural language.

"The clown family is so special- this is such a gift" Belinda

Photo Credit: Teatro del Corazon