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Sacred Clowning Retreat - Nov. 2011

posted 26 Apr 2012, 04:20 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 25 Oct 2018, 05:23 ]
This retreat brought together a special group of clowns, all very committed to Self-discovery… and unexpectedly, they were also inspired singers!
Jessica, one of the participants commented, “We started the day with meditation and had a wonderful breakfast in silence!” She also said that participants could “Just feel the being and the joy of every moment. Working every day with the body and the clown was very nourishing! We did some great improvisations with clowning and singing. We laughed together and also had a deep connection with tears!”

This affinity led the group to develop a real sense of family and care for each other. Whether this was because they all enjoyed singing, or meditation or the mime-clown, it created an environment that nourished the expression of their authentic Self.

Didier and the students were really inspired to explore the singing clown. He led students through the practice of Indian Raga Singing. “By resting in the sound, a sense of coming home awakens. There is no need to push the voice or want something out of it, but just relax and rejoice in it,” said Didier.

Following this, individual improvisations developed into singing dialogues, and then into a whole ensemble of resonating voices. One of the highlights was the clowns performing playful improvisations in spontaneous gibberish dialects. Lyndi remembers: “The mountainous Norwegian, the sturdy German, and the more posh English gibberish singing, all brimming with subtle humour and joy.”

The week also included an outing to Mount Teide, the highest peak on Spanish territory. The vastness and spiritual majesty of this setting was a natural invitation to meditation. When recalling this day, Didier said, “The richness of the silence and stillness called us to sit with each other, against the rock, rejoicing in a sense of being, a sense of family.”