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Seven Day Sacred Clown Training, February 2012

posted 26 Apr 2012, 04:40 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 25 May 2012, 04:41 ]
For this retreat, we were delighted to welcome participants from all over Europe and Israel. This is the fifth retreat at Casa Saraswati, which is rapidly establishing itself as the new home for Fool At Heart, also known as Teatro del Corazón here in the Canary Islands.

Students had a lot of fun exploring movement work, including one clowning exercise in which characters were developed, starting from the feet up! “When you start from the ground, you can really switch off your thinking mind and enjoy being in your body,” said Lyndi, one of the participants. 

Participants commented on how much they enjoyed being in the moment. Katie said she felt she could express herself “in the simplest way... to be in the here and now and really appreciate and notice the world around.”

Nourishing this quality of being, not doing is really the focus of the work. It makes a delightful break from everyday life, full of its dilemmas and busy thinking. The clowning is light and playful, but rooted strongly in a quality of listening and stillness that we cultivate in our morning meditation sessions.

This same mindful quality can be found in the practice of Indian Raga Singing. “The freedom of singing from the heart makes me feel full of joy and love,” remarked Lyndi. “This feels very healing too.”

Participants were also very inspired by Casa Saraswati. Katie writes: “It is a truly beautiful place situated on the side of a volcano. Some mornings I could look up at the volcano and see snow settled on the peak at the top. The wonders of nature!”

It really is a wonderful place to stay. Even those of us who live here permanently are constantly taken aback by the colours of the flowers and the mountain views. Here are some more pictures of Casa Saraswati.

We look forward to welcoming more participants for our next retreat in July.

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