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Midsummer Clowning Retreat July 2019

posted 8 Mar 2019, 05:56 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 5 May 2021, 03:38 ]
Midsummer Clowning Retreat
Tenerife 20 - 29 July 2019

With a public performance to live music
An improvisation with nature

During this summer clowning course, the Simpleton Clown will take you to the threshold of imagination, where the visible and the invisible merge. In that moment; past, present and future unite and embody the visual poetry of the Sacred Clown. The blessed grounds of “Casa Saraswati” will guide our senses, letting colours, smells, textures and sounds inspire enchanted play. Creative forms will emerge out of our group explorations and be offered as a performance in full make-up and costume to a local invited audience. This outdoor show will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 28th of July, to the inspiring music of the cello, the violin and the piano. There will be mime-clowning, music, dance, mindfullness, play, singing and stillness. Casa Saraswati is our newly opened Retreat Centre, an inspirational home for the “Fools at Heart”. It is a haven of peace where the inner and outer nature can merge in a delightful sense of Being.

NOTE that this retreat is only open to those who have attended a minimum of two Retreats with Didier before this performance course.

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Photo Credit: Teatro del Corazon