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Midsummer Clowning Residential - July 2014

posted 31 Jul 2014, 05:26 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 25 Oct 2018, 05:02 ]
Sacred Clowning
"Midsummer Clowning Residential"
July 2014


Another beautiful retreat here in Casa Saraswati. Thank you to all the participants who came!!

Here's what some of the participants said about this training:

“With the sacred clown work, I am genuinely learning to not grasp to the unreal, and within that, more and more I am finding rest in the being and learning to trust there. Each time I come here (Casa Saraswati) I feel I am developing an unseen muscle, and my thinking mind is becoming less dominant. This work is deeply profound, it is of the sacred and what’s born from this practice is extremely beautiful. Thank you for all that you share."  Michelle

"The training in sacred clowning was fantastic, more than I can put in words. It all had relevance for me. It was one LONG insight. Time was extended, and sometimes suspended." Ingrid

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