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Performance at El Corte Inglés

posted 26 Apr 2012, 04:35 by Didier Danthois   [ updated 3 May 2021, 06:23 ]
Performance at El Corte Inglés *  January 2012

Teatro del Corazón performed at the cultural centre of El Corte Inglés in Tenerife last January. This was the very first event of the year for Didier Danthois and Sara Rajzman. The event  also included a talk and time to ask questions to Didier.

Didier and Sara’s clowning portrayed the sadness, the vitality, the fun, the conflict and the frustrations of everyday life, especially within relationships, which the audience enjoyed greatly.

Andrés described it as “pure heart, from beginning to end.”
Pilar also commented: “I found the performance very moving. I feel I want to learn more about mime, and especially this form of theatre.”

After the performance, Didier gave a talk which encompassed the view behind his work. One of the main points he talked about was the importance of nourishing this form of authentic art.

“Nowadays there is a great tendency to communicate, but only at a superficial level, and most of us have a need to reconnect with ourselves and others beyond words. This is precisely what this form of theatre is aimed at, to nourish our ability to experience communication through feeling, the non-verbal communication. In Teatro del Corazón, mime and clowning are rooted in the spaciousness of silence, and from here, a deeper form of listening is made possible.” Didier

Listen to a short extract of the talk called The Secret is to Listen.