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Workshops and Courses

At Teatro del Corazon we breathe life into the expression of what is true, free and alive, thereby discovering the creative wisdom that is in each one of us. By going beyond the limitations of our endless thinking mind and connecting with ourselves in a much deeper way, we awaken a perception of what unites us in this world, and this is precisely what nourishes our artistic inspiration. This sense of interdependent creativity is the magic tool with which we can discover the joy and the wisdom that resides in our hearts. 

This work combines mime, clown, dance, raga singing and mindfulness.

Didier has been running workshops and retreats in the performing arts and healing for over twenty years. These workshops are held in different venues around Europe, and mainly in Tenerife in the specially-designed workshop space at Casa Saraswati.

Together with the workshops, and retreats we also offer performances and a clown care program in health care and education.



•    Open Workshops – Awakening the Fool at Heart  
The best way to learn about Sacred Clowning is to start with a weekend open workshop. This courses will give you a taste of the Fool At Heart consciousness and allow you to explore mime-clown, dance and singing as expressions of your true nature. Open workshops are suitable for complete beginners or as a refresher course for all levels of experience. Each workshop is a new exploration inspired by the moment and the group.

Please see our Programme for more details.


To participate in any of the three residential courses one must have first done the open weekend workshop "Awakening the Fool at Heart". This is a necessary prerequisite since it allows participants to immerse themselves fully in the residential course having already experienced and understood the nature of this work.

So after attending the two day open workshop, you can progress onto residential training courses and retreats, performance courses and ultimately onto clowning in healthcare.

Complete in themselves, the three following courses constitute a good basic one year training, and is essential for further professional training. This is an in depth study of the Mime-Clown, the Dancing-Clown and the Musical-Clown. Limited spaces.

These courses are held at Casa Saraswati, our retreat centre in Tenerife. You can apply to any of these courses via email (only after attending a full open workshop with Didier).

Seven Day Sacred Clown Training (February) 

This residential course will focus on establishing the ground for sacred clowning. It will be an opportunity to sharpen your existing skills in Mime-clowning, dance-movement and singing, with special emphasis on developing aspects which you find difficult or that you haven’t yet integrated.
Didier will give specific directions and guidance to each one of you to support the emergence of your unique Sacred Clown.

  • Midsummer Clowning (July) 

In this residential course, the sacred clown will lead us into a contemplation with "Mother Nature". Letting ourselves be inspired by the simplicity and harmony she offers us, we will learn to compose with her and with each other. Special sceneries will be created in the environment of Casa Saraswati for improvisation. You will have the opportunity to create a piece of mime-clowning under Didier's guidance. There will be an exploration of make-up and costume.

  • Sacred Clowning Retreat (November)

In this 8-day retreat we will focus on strengthening the spiritual ground and on developing the artistic skills of the Sacred Clown. As we slowly awaken to the miracle of mindfulness, our creative imagination takes on a new dimension; dance-movement, mime-clowning and singing improvisation will begin to embody a deeper reality, revealing the subtle communication of our true nature that is free, unique, loving and at peace. Trusting the unknown will no longer feel overwhelming, but exciting and inspiring.

For details of dates and venues please see our Programme, and email us for further information: bookings@sacred-clown-as-healer.co.uk

On each of the courses we will explore:

Dance, mime, silence, voice, jabbertalk, play, meditation, expressive movement, breath, centering, clowning, compassion, singing, stillness, presence and creative interdependence, the clown’s nose, improvisation as a group and individually. 

These courses and events aim at  bringing forth a poetic imagination of life, as well as inviting presence, humour, authenticity and play into the theatre, the home, the streets, the parks and the institutions.


Mime: Mime is a form of communication born from silence; a non-verbal adventure into the present moment. Didier will help you embody your emotions authentically by developing your skills in movement and gesture. Using specific exercises, we can express the struggles and joys of daily life with poetry and imagination.

Clown: The clown is our speciality. With simplicity and presence, the clown will help you connect directly to your heart. By embodying the trust and innocence of the clown, we start to play with life’s dilemmas, finding unexpected and often humorous solutions.

Dance: Explore presence, space and beauty though the visual poetry of dance. You will be able to enhance your expression from the feeling level into the whole body and then into the imagination. By training in stillness, movement and rhythm, we discover our interdependence with others and the world around us.

Singing: We also use a type of singing, developed from a traditional Indian chant called Raga, to cultivate the authentic voice within us. Through singing you will awaken the pleasure and delight of breath and sound.  Didier will enable you to discover the colours and textures of emotions through sound, and with time this will develop naturally into song and improvisation unique to you.

Mindfulness: The practice of mindfulness is a tool that helps us bring our mind into focus, spaciously. In this way, we learn to simply be, first with ourselves, then with others. It is a creative gateway to insight and inspiration whether it is for the arts or for our daily life.