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Clown Care

Clowning in healthcare is an artform which can be very therapeutic. The clown can create an atmosphere of genuine communication, delighting in the joy of connecting to people and inspiring a different and playful reality. Both the participants and the clown performers find this experience extremely rewarding and heartwarming.

In this work, we reveal joy and wonder through music, mime, song, dance and play. Our improvisation is guided by the client.

Music and singing are important parts of our work and when working with the elderly we play and sing songs familiar to them so that they may join in.
This work is normally arranged in 2-4 sessions spread over the course of one day, with up to 15 participants per session.

Each clown has undergone a minimum of three years training before being qualified to practise, consisting of two years learning the art of the mime-clown and a further year in gaining clowning experience specific to health care.

All clowns are committed to continuing professional development and regular supervision.

Didier established Clowncare and Co over ten years ago in the UK. Every year, clowns from all over Europe come to train with Didier especially for this work in healthcare.

In February 2012, we were delighted to work with the residents of Hogar Santa Rita, an international centre for Altzheimer’s research.

To find out more about our work in healthcare, please email info@teatro-del-corazon.org or click here.

Some quotes from our past work in the UK:

“A joyful and extraordinary day. It was wonderful to observe the way in which the clowns dealt with frail and sensitive residents and the way in which they dealt with individual needs.” (Nightingale Nursing Home, London)

“The clowning has brightened up the whole building.” (Whittington Hospital, London)

“You will come back and see us?” (Hampshire County Council Nursing Homes, UK)

We also provide performance and theme-based workshops for children, as clowning in education.

Our specially designed mime-clown performances and workshops can be delivered to children in any educational setting. The work is developed around specific themes (like bullying) and aims to nourish a sense of stillness, emotional literacy, care and interconnection.

Normally we offer a thirty minute performance followed by a one-hour workshop for up to thirty children, with assistance from school staff.

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