Teatro del Corazón Asociación

NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION (Asociación nb. G76593946)

Teatro de Corazon is an Association (a non-profit organisation) offering performances, training retreats and educational programmes around Europe. The charity runs its own Retreat Centre “Casa Saraswati” located in the National park above La Orotava in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). It is the home base of the organisation where all the week training courses are run. Casa Saraswati is a certified organic farm as well as a retreat centre where we produce our own fruits and vegetables. 

We intend to:

· Promote a mindful and conscious way of life throughout all the activities we offer. This mindful attitude extends to the way we create and share our artistic work, such as our Sacred Clown Theatre performances.  This mindful attitude also apply to the way we manage the association, the working teams and all communication within and without the organisation.  

· Offer Performing arts and mindfulness programmes to rise more awareness of the necessity to look within ourselves to develop and nurture the true Happiness we are all looking for.

· Promote living in harmony with Mother Nature, respect for all sentient beings and to practice mindfulness of energy consumption.

· Inspire peace in the way we deal with conflicts and all communication within and without the organisation.

· Create activities, teaching events and performances that support taking responsibility for our life, honouring the wisdom aspect of our true nature and its expression in our living environment. To promote a view of wholeness where the body, emotions and mind work together in harmony.

· Create a safe environment for personal growth and learning, sharing with each other, nourishing inner peace and stability, practicing care and compassion for all beings.

To sponsor
· Bursary Fund to help low income students 

· Educational & Healthcare performance / workshop projects in Europe (for children & the Elderly) 

To support
· The maintenance and to improve The Association’s Retreat Centre, Casa Saraswati in Tenerife 

· The creation of articles, manual of healing exercises, written materials, documentaries, videos, talks, audio material for students & performance sound tracks

· Creating Educational performances

Thanks you for your contribution.


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