About us

Teatro del Corazón is a new, non-profit organisation that allows us to offer the authentic and open-hearted work of the Sacred Clown to more people, across the whole of Europe. It is based at Casa Saraswati Retreat Centre, a home for Fool at Heart, the School of Sacred Clowning that Didier Danthois started over twenty four years ago.

Didier Danthois
first trained in clowning and circus skills 33 years ago at the Fratellini Circus School (Paris). He studied Expressionist Dance, Clowning, and Indian Raga singing with an Indian master. He is also an Interfaith minister, a trained Biodynamic psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor and group facilitator. Didier has been inspired by the teachings of the Buddha for the last twenty five years, through the Khyentse lineage of Dzogchen and by the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

He works towards creating an art which celebrates the beauty of authenticity, compassion and the interdependence of all things and all people. His dedication is to encourage a greater understanding of the Wisdom of the Child.

Didier is the founder of the Fool at Heart School of Sacred Clowning and teaches, performs and directs internationally. He is the director of the association Teatro del Corazón, an organisation bringing Sacred Clowning into healthcare and personal development.

His present work explores the field of emotional and spiritual resonance through the Fool at Heart in mime, dance, music and play, and also through Indian Raga singing, for both adults and children.

Sara Rajzman
has originally studied law and worked in the field of education and special needs for 10 years in London. She has trained in dance, physical theatre, capoeira and has completed her professional training at the “Fool at heart School of Sacred Clowning”. 

She is also a certified Yoga teacher and has the aspiration to bring the practice of
mindfulness into the creative expression of singing, dance, mime and clowning. 

She is a founding member of Casa Saraswati / Teatro del Corazón and helps in the coordination of its activities. She is presently assisting and performing together with Didier Danthois and studying for a Master in Expressive Art Therapy at IATBA, Barcelona.